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The maintenance burden has doubled. In order to continue to make good decisions, it is necessary to guarantee data quality. Therefore, keep investing in Grenada Email List web analytics, for example by reserving a fixed percentage of your monthly marketing budget. Make your data accessible to everyone through Data Studio dashboards You have seen earlier in this article that Google Analytics 4 is still a challenge for many ‘normal’ Google Analytics users.

Grenada Email List

To keep data accessible in all layers of your organization, it is therefore important to start using dashboards now. When Universal Analytics is completely Grenada Email List phaseout, you can simply adjust the underlying data source. The dashboard remains largely the same. This will make the step to GA4 as effortless as possible. Ensure a clear division of roles in your teams and get the right knowledge in-house The web analytics landscape is quickly becoming complex.

Sometimes through a plethora of tools, websites and online channels. But also because several teams and several agencies depend on that data. It quickly becomes Grenada Email List who is responsible for tracking that one conversion. Innovations such as GA4 and server-side tagging are also sometimes left behind due to an unclear division of roles. To prevent this, I recommend that you make one specialist within your organization ultimately responsible for web analytics.

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