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If you use too little text, you as an organization run Hotmail Email List the risk that readers will be left behind with doubts and drop out. Or worse: visit another site to get answers to their questions. They want information to support their choice, to understand you better or form an opinion. Your target audience is also important when determining the length Hotmail Email List of your text. It may be obvious, but the target group of de Volkskrant or the Correspondent is really different from that of LINDA. Nieuws or RTL Boulevard.

Google Likes Long Texts

There is a good chance that the first target group consists of motivate readers, who are looking for information to understand things. They often take long copy and don’t let that deter them. The second target group is probably looking for entertainment in the form of snackable content. Although the two will sometimes overlap. But that could change drastically. In January 2022, the Austrian privacy regulator completed an investigation into the use of the tool for an Austrian site.

You Write an Attractive Long Text

According to this research, it appears that Google Analytics does not comply with the GDPR in this case (General Data Protection Regulation). In the meantime, the AP is investigating two complaints about Google Analytics in the Netherlands. They expect to complete this study in early 2022. Then it will be announced whether we have to say goodbye to this widely used tool in the Netherlands. The information can be read in the updated manual (pdf) of the AP.


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