Reflections on digital art

Numerical resistance digital art as a salvation space for culture the construction In addition, of the digital world has always been created from the paradox and comparison established towards the real world. All the visual, significant and functional references that our digital environments presented at the origins of their creation came from the structures already created in our immediate and physical environment. We can easily remember the stop button in that original mosaic browser, which shared color and icon In addition, with the symbolic traffic signal. Both symbols indicated the same thing a traffic cut, a stop in the flow, a stoppage of activity. Reflections on digital art 1 hard disk museum. 2015. Metaphors historically continued with the concept of scheumorphism skeumorphism, where representations of digital objects have their morphological reference in real world objects, and where companies like apple found their aesthetic vein.


Documented of Artificial Intelligence.

These semantic relationships did not stop there, and also background remove service reached negative conceptions, with those symbols alluding to poison, with the skull and knucklebones. The virus. In addition, Speculation with the vulnerability to these dangerous entities began to move millions of dollars, establishing a In addition, great analogy with the real world. If your computer had a virus, you had it too. Your whole life was going to waste. You lost two great treasures your privacy and your information. Today, after thousands of analogies and subcutaneous relationships between man and machine, between the digital and the analog, and between the real and the virtual, the metaphor has been broken. There is a split. In addition, The virus is in the man and the machine is safe. And this is the starting point of what we could call the numerical resistance.

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Reflections on Digital Art 15 Dai.

Reflections on digital art 3 hard disk BQB Directory museum. Dna v.1 3d printed. After years of technological evolution and approaches to code, the time has come when the emancipation of the digital space has become evident. As always, art is one of the great strengths of resistance and advancement around these issues and more specifically at this time, the art that has to do with new technologies or the socalled digital art. This artistic manifestation, as many others have already done, took a space that a priori did not correspond to it, to make of it a vast playing field. To understand the analogy, let us remember the occupation of public space and the flight from the white cube of In addition, the museum through the manifestations now known as urban art.

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