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Or with your motivation to read a text. The list of text Maldives Email List characteristics for a good B1 text also appears to be limited. My conclusion? I prefer to strive for understandable language . According to professor of language and communication Leo Lentz , a document, website or other communication product is understandable if: Users can find, understand and apply the information Maldives Email List they need. Users can perform their task thanks to the clear wording, the accessible structure and the (graphic) design.

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How to write clear texts As you can see, several factors Maldives Email List influence the comprehensibility of a text. In this article I will discuss the clear wording part in more detail . For this I use a text that I came across on the website of an engineering firm: Internally, the engineering office is characterized by short lines of communication, which means that a lot of knowledge Maldives Email List is exchanged between the disciplines and projects are often approached from an integrated approach. Phew, what exactly is here?

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Of course, an engineering firm is a specific sport. But Maldives Email List that does not alter the fact that there are a lot of opportunities to make this text accessible to a wider audience. So, here we go: 1. Use short sentences This paragraph has one sentence with no less than 25 words. And that’s a lot. Especially when the words used are as abstract as here. A reader can process a limited amount Maldives Email List of information at the same time. Texts with many long sentences therefore cost a reader more energy than texts with short sentences.

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