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Trackers that use cookie syncing are Liberia Email List typically identified by the HTTP status code 302. When I open the front page, there are about 45 of them. Trackers that use cookie syncing. To highlight one, you can see below that a tracker is being loaded from contextweb . Then a 302 redirect ensures that partner pubmatic is also load. This partner then places a cookie with an ID (3) as content. We can assume that the IDs sent here are used for cookie syncing.

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Both cookies from these 3rd parties are now filled with a common user ID. Chrome developer tools A look back at the developments In recent years, so-called walled gardens (Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook) have been working hard to develop technology that will improve the privacy of the end user. This will eventually lead to the death of 3rd party cookies and a change of adtech ecosystems. Below are the main developments.

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Apple ITP Apple has led the way when it comes to blocking cookies and presents itself as the champion of the privacy-friendly internet. Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is the so-called feature of Safari that ensures an optimal privacy environment for the user. Basically, Safari blocks all 3rd party cookies, as well as other storage methods that could cause user data to be sent between different websites and/or platforms. The first version of ITP was delivered in mid-2017 and has had several updates since then. Each new version has stricter rules.

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