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Seemed as if the use of video resulted in less engagement Philippines Email List on your content. If you only count your content on likes, shares and comments, then that is indeed correct. But if you look further, at click-through rates, clicks and video views, it becomes a completely different story. October 2020 figures from adQuadrant help support the case for moving content. For example, they Philippines Email List see a doubling in the number of clicks on video content versus static content. However, the success of video is (partly).

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Dependent on the optimizations. For example, Philippines Email List 80% of users are very annoyed by videos where sound starts playing automatically and loudly. Recognizable? Well huh?! Noise from a loudspeaker. In short, make sure you take into account the ‘rules Philippines Email List of the game’ and design your video from the ‘sound off’ point of view. And, you’ve probably heard it before, but make sure your branding is recognizable from the first moment and that the message of your story is clear within a few seconds.

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Content consumption on social media Your content Philippines Email List can only be successful if your target audience is receptive to it. And that in turn depends greatly on the moment at which the content is consumed. Within daily dialogues we like to work with a method Philippines Email List that was previously widely used by Facebook. The methodology of ‘ On the go, lean forward and lean back ‘. What do we mean by that? on the go During ‘on the go’ moments you are on the move and you have little time. You take a quick look at your

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