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What matters, however, is that you get a clear direction to Reunion Business Email List further develop and take your social media efforts. You know where you stand and where the bottlenecks are in order to continue to grow. It also gives you insight into your position in relation to your competitors . We look at 100 posts over a period of 3 months for every part, community, Reunion Business Email List engagement, traffic, content. We usually count these manually. Of course, a part can also be scanned digitally, but something like sentiment is still difficult for a bot to read. go-tan.

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A model is of course more appealing, Reunion Business Email List based on an example. That is why we have done an analysis of the social media accounts of consumer brand Go-Tan. By then doing the same with two competitors, you get a clear overview and targeted improvement can take place. We analyze each social media channel separately and process the results clearly in Reunion Business Email List the visualizations below. This way you can see the result and the quality per medium at a glance. In this way, pitfalls and opportunities become visible and concrete.

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And you are able to continuously improve Reunion Business Email List in new areas as a company. Handy and challenging! Visualization outcomes maturity model at Go-Tan. Visualization outcomes maturity model: Go-Tan. What’s going well? First of all, you see that in general the community is doing well on the channels of Go-Tan. This means that the number of followers is Reunion Business Email List reasonably good, there are regular users here and there and comments are posted. You might wonder what led to this. An important reason for this is the content.


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