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Use clear headings, with keywords that Event Planner Email List show an intention. Optimize your content for featured snippets: with a clear search query as your heading 1 or heading 2 tag, and the answer formulated in a numbered or bullet list, with a maximum of 58 words. Write for people, not machines. This way you also keep your content unique. Use keywords in your meta description. Link to other high authority websites. Search engines Event Planner Email List appreciate it when it turns out that you’ve done your research, so don’t be afraid to place a link every now and then.

Physician Assistant Job Description

Go for longer posts that are easy Event Planner Email List to scan. HubSpot previously wrote that the ideal blog post is between 2,100 and 2,400 words. Link to your other blog posts so your readers can continue reading on the topic. Have a link building strategy and complete your blogs with unique data and real thought leadership . 5 effective Event Planner Email List content ideas for webshops Need some fun ideas for your content marketing? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself, just look at successful brands!

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Spotify Playlist About 15 years ago, when Event Planner Email List websites still had background music, I ended up on the Lacoste website. Zero 7’s ‘Destiny’ was played in a loop. I fell in love with the song and sent Lacoste an email asking what the song was called. You may not be able to imagine, but I got an email back. Contains the number I was looking for. The song is still one of my favorites, and I was an instant fan of Lacoste. Long story short, music can deliver a Event Planner Email List complete brand experience. Something that you as a brand can also do with a playlist within Spotify.


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