Reading Comprehension


The first learnings, tips & tricks. Preparing your online Japan Phone Number List training. Break a day workout into at least two parts . Digital focus is tough. Between the 2 half-days, participants can let new knowledge land and work on an assignment that takes time. Why should you present the slides live? Record the knowledge Japan Phone Number List in advance, watch the video together and then start interacting. There is no difference, except you are not interrupted. And you can reuse the video!

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Learn About Internet Dangers

You can use breakout rooms for working in groups or one-on-one meetings. You can strip each training down to three elements You can divide a training into three elements: Knowledge transfer . Think of slides, videos, stories, examples and dances. You tell, participants listen and take notes. Applying the new knowledge . So assignments. Think of exercises, analyses, research, quizzes, puzzles. The participants are at work, you help. Interaction .

Make Videos or Vlogs

Think of: answering questions, discussion, reflection. You facilitate, participants interact. And this is actually where I see the best opportunity: if you digitize the above elements step by step, you create a great step towards a fully digital workshop. Think: ten thousand participants instead of ten. yes right? bringiton I have quite a bit of personal experience, studied many American examples (which always lead the way) and collected all the learnings and tips for it.

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