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out what it means to index web pages , how to index them, how long indexing takes, and much more! What does it mean to index web pages in Google? Are you wondering what indexing is? Explained in a simple way, we can say that indexing web pages is the recognition that Google performs of the URL of a certain web page. In other words, it tracks it and includes it in its database… it indexes it. As it does? Google does it through the famous Google robots, known as Bots or spiders. These robots are dedicated to continuously crawling websites in order to identify each of the URLs that make it up.

This process is called crawling . As managers of any web page, we are interested in Google spiders identifying us and that is why we must facilitate the analysis of our page as much as possible. And it is that, without this identification, the robots will not recognize each of the different Greece phone number that make up that website. Why is indexing so important? If the web page is not indexed, it will never appear in the search results , even if you implement the best SEO positioning strategies. How to index a url in the google search engine? To index a URL in Google follow the steps that we give you below:

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it is a Google tool that offers information to users about the indexing of a web page. In addition, it is capable of displaying some configuration errors that will allow you to make optimizations. Create the sitemap : the sitemap (map of the website in Spanish) is what shows us the information about the website and its contents. It shows the URLs of each site in a hierarchical way, helping the bots to crawl and index. Each and every one of the pages that make up the website should not be in the sitemap, only the most important ones that we want to index and position.

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Create robots.txt file – Creating this file is essential for telling Google which pages to crawl and which pages not to crawl. If you prevent the crawling of a page, it will not be indexed. (Although Google can reach it by other means, like links, and index it.) If you avoid crawling, Google will have more time to crawl and index the most important pages of your website. Add content frequently – This is very important to show Google that you regularly make changes. This is the best way to get bots to crawl your website frequently. Implement linkbuilding and backlink strategies :

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pages to link to your website or link relevant and quality content. Beware of broken links : it is important that you monitor the broken links on your website so as not to harm the user experience and also because if the boots detect them, they will harm the indexing of your website. Optimize the positioning of the web : positioning is closely related to indexing. This is because a well-ranked page will improve its authority, showing Google that your content is useful to the user.

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