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Handy for social media posts that you want to organize in a content calendar. Canva Tip for the Busy Entrepreneur: Have a third-party social media manager fill out your content planner. 3. Optimize your search results As a Canva user, you know where to find the right elements, photos and videos. But did you know that there is more to this than just finding a nice shape? By clicking on the three dots of an element, you can also save it as a favorite, put it in a separate folder and see similar results. 4. Animate your designs Bring your designs to life with animations. Make text scroll, blur images and much more. Bonus tip: you can animate the entire page, but also individual elements.

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You have different options for each element type. 5. Use the design integrations Within a design, you can use Canva’s templates, elements, photos, videos, and audio. Scroll a little further to the ‘More’ tab, you’ll also find other apps with which Canva has integrations. For example, you can find emoji and change their colors here, create and post QR codes, place Google Maps maps, and Singapore Phone Number List much more. 6. Make use of the background remover Canva tip if you want to use a nice photo, but the background doesn’t fit in your design: use the background remover. This one removes the background with one click! You can find the background remover under the heading ‘Effects’.

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7. Professionalize your design with mockups and frames Mockups and frames are the solution to beautifully present a photo, screenshot or even video . Drag your images to the frames and they will automatically appear on the screen. Or click on a photo, go to the ‘Effects’ and choose which mockup you use to highlight the image. 8. Easily Resize Do you want to use the same design for multiple posts? Then you don’t have to copy and paste everything into a new design. Simply click on ‘Resize’, choose the dimensions there and click on py ‘Coand resize’.

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