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when the Rank Xerox company proposed asking consumers a series of key questions so that salespeople could find more sales opportunities. In  How it Work other words, the SPIN  method is a sales technique in which the most important . Thing is to listen to the customer in order to provide a solution to their problem . When listening to the customer, it is possible to identify.  Which situations are the most problematic for him and the causes and consequences of these can be How it Work sought, which will lead the brand to design and offer solutions. SEM, Social Ads, Branded Content, Native Advertising, Video Marketing, Data Science, Advertising.  Audit and In-Company Training. Cyberclick .

This Is What  How it Work This Method Is Based on, Although

It is important to follow a structure, which is already marked by the same word SPIN: Situation, Problem, Implication and Need pay off (Situation, Problem , Implication and Offer of solution). Situation  the client is asked questions based on the situation in. Which he finds himself about How it Work any aspect related to his day to day. Problem . When a problem is detected, the questions should focus . On it as it can be understood in a much deeper way. Implication : questions will be asked to help understand how this problem affects the client’s daily life, which will help to have a much more precise perspective of its seriousness and how urgent it is to solve it.

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Need to Pay Off : the How it Work Questions Asked and

The conversation itself should naturally lead to the conclusion. That the brand’s product or service is the best option to solve that problem. It is not How it Work about explaining . How  the problem is solved thanks to that product or service. But what it means to solve it. The entire process itself is based on asking questions to get to know. The customer better and narrowing things down until reaching . The conclusion of what that day-to-day would be like without that problem. Which can be solved thanks to the product or service offered by the brand.

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