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Strange really, because copywriting was already part of my marketing job at the time and I had no problem telling people that I wrote texts for websites. But with blogging it was different. My name was on it. That made it more personal. And anything personal makes you potentially vulnerable. Hence my caution. Today the opposite is true. Everyone should know that I blog. However, I would never have had this confidence if I had already given up during my first weeks as a blogger.

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From writing to speaking? If you blog, you may also find that it becomes even more fun to talk about the topic you are writing about. It makes it easier to talk about it, which may even give you the confidence to speak about your passion at events or present online Saudi Arabia Phone Number List webinars yourself! Create effective content [online course] How do you create strong stories that touch your target audience? A targeted plan of approach, an always-on mentality and guts are the important ingredients.

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Discover everything about effective content in the online course package Content. Interesting! From now on you will always have logos, fonts, font sizes and color palettes at hand. Set these up on the homepage and you’ll see them appear in the designs as suggested colors, automatic fonts, and a separate folder of logos. Searching for minutes between uploads is now a thing of the past! Use the content planner Not only can you create cool content in Canva, you can also schedule it for publication right away.

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