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Highlight those senses in relation to the others. In this New Zealand Business Email List way, you will soon be writing texts that excite, awaken the imagination and make your reader’s brain overflow with happiness. You know very well what you want from a journalist, namely: free publicity. But what does a journalist want from you? These seven tips from journalists increase your chance New Zealand Business Email List of publication and a good relationship with the press. Put yourself in the shoes of a journalist. After all, they receive a bombardment of press releases in their mailbox every day, all day long.

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That is why it is important that you deal with a journalist New Zealand Business Email List in the right way. If you follow the seven tips in this article, journalists will be more open to your content. This is how you successfully build a relationship with the press. These tips are based on a report by Cision, which surveyed about 3000 journalists in fifteen countries. A press release is intended New Zealand Business Email List for a specific target group, such as IT professionals or managers. The Cision survey shows that 61 percent of journalists find it very important that you know your target group.

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Make sure you not only know who your target New Zealand Business Email List group is, but also make sure you understand what is relevant for this group. That doesn’t always seem to work. 99 percent of the messages would come from people who have no idea what the journalists in question are writing about. So before you mail a journalist, check who your target group is and New Zealand Business Email List what they find relevant and whether this specific editor also writes about this. So immerse yourself in the work of the journalist you approach.

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