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Cookies cannot be changeor edit by a third party, but Macau Email List the browser attaches the relevant cookies to the request with every request (even loading an image). This allows hackers to perform fake actions on users who.  For example, are legitimately logg in to a website, but have the hacker unknowingly perform an action. This is possible because the hacker can load the cookie from the user via a fake link or image. SameSite attribute can Macau Email List be applied to cookies used by websites and guarantees that the request calling the cookie should only be made internally.

Macau Email List

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That is, through the domain in the address bar, and Macau Email List not through external URL. Images, or the like that the user is currently using. So this function does not have much impact on the user’s tracking, but it does make the internet a bit safer. Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) uses a slightly different approach than Apple’s Safari. With a standard installation of Firefox, social media trackers and cross-site tracking cookies are block by default.

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This generally means 3rd party cookies from LinkedIn. Facebook and Instagram, among others, with the aim of following users across multiple websites. So-call Macau Email List ‘tracking content’ is allowed. This includes cookies with the aim of improving user experience and performing analytical functions (for example, Google Analytics). The user can always Macau Email List adjust these settings himself. ETP is different from ITP in the sense that ETP does not block all trackers by default but does so on the basis of blacklists. So a little less strict and more flexible.

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