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The data can then be sent from your server to Vatican City Business Email List the final destination. As I mentioned earlier: for example Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads or Facebook. This allows you to choose which data you forward to third parties and you can better guarantee the privacy of your website users. The big difference between client-side and Vatican City Business Email List server-side tagging In principle, the name says it all: with client side pixels, the code is on the side of the website user. When someone visits a website or webshop, a piece of code is load in the browser.

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This is then forward to, for example, Vatican City Business Email List Facebook. This is different with server-side tagging. An intermediate step is add by a separate server, so that it is not immediately load in the browser. On this server, which is usually managed by the website owner, this is forwarded to the final destination. The positive consequence Vatican City Business Email List of this is that you have more influence on what happens, because you manage the server yourself. Example of website configuration without server-side tag manager Figure.

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Google Tag Manager Example of website Vatican City Business Email List configuration with server-side tag manager Figure 2: Google Tag Manager The benefits of server-side tagging It takes some time and effort to adjust your website a bit at the back, but then you have something! The server-side tagging function of Google Tag Manager has many Vatican City Business Email List advantages. 1. More own influence When you use server-side tagging, you can exert more influence on the data yourself. You have more control, because you send data to your own server.

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