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Brahmins are the highest caste in Hindu Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List society. Their tensions with Dalits (a lower caste) have escalated dramatically in recent years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased the oppression of lower castes in India. Confronted with the photograph of discord, many angry reactionary Indians (using Twitter as the recipient of their criticism) did not hesitate to accuse the CEO of the microblogging network of fomenting hatred against a very Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List specific social group in India. Speaking to CNN , a Twitter spokeswoman clarified that the poster was a gift that a Dalit woman who participated in the roundtable had kindly given to Dorsey. ”

The Eye of the Tweeting Hurricane

The sentiments expressed in the Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List poster do not reflect the views of Twitter as a company and Jack as CEO , and we regret that the image has tarnished a journey that has been, on the other hand, tremendously enriching,” stresses the spokeswoman. Dorsey traveled to India earlier this month and during his weeklong visit. He met with the Dalai Lama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has more than 44 million followers on Twitter. India is a very important market for Twitter and other technology companies . After all, it is the country with the most Internet users in the world, only behind China. Vijaya Gadde , Twitter’s legal and public policy Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List director, also apologized individually to some Twitter users for the photo. But her apology raised even more dust in the form of criticism, as some tweeters believe.

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Terribly disappointing st. on behalf Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List of Twitter. Both Brahminism & patriarchy are oppressive by nature, so why would Twitter’s views not reflect giving space to marginalized voices? Calling pandering “impartial” is just a cop out preventing actual efforts to make this space equal. Jack Dorsey , CEO of Twitter , has found himself in the pillory on his . First trip to India after posing with a poster that many Indians have described as offensive. Twitter user Anna Vetticad post a photo a few days ago of Dorsey holding. A Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List sign that reads “Smash Brahmanical patriarchy . ” The photo in question, in which Dorsey poses with several women.

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