People Full of Color

Coca-Cola has started 2022 with very clear purposes. One of Colombia WhatsApp Number List them is to help consumers reduce their sugar intake. For this reason, it has launched a Fanta Watermelon without added sugars , which reaches the brand’s portfolio permanently.  “Through our brands and launches such as Fanta Watermelon without added sugars, we are committed to innovation and put our strongest muscle, marketing, at the Colombia WhatsApp Number List service of what our consumers demand of us in terms of zero or low-calorie options,” says Carolina Aransay , director of marketing for Coca-Cola Iberia.Another of Coca-Cola’s objectives is to reach a new target.

  Global Campaign With Which Coca-cola Embraces Its Main Purposes

One that faces life with an authentic attitude and Colombia WhatsApp Number List has a young spirit. This is what has led the company to launch ” People full of color “. This is the firm’s first global marketing campaign since 2017. Its purpose, apart from addressing the aforementioned public, is to celebrate people of different ages and origins who make others shine and who do not take themselves too seriously.  It does so by showing everyday moments, but inspired by the new ways of having fun that we have discovered in the last two years. The communication began on February 1 and has a spot and different actions on Colombia WhatsApp Number List television, abroad, cinema and digital , in addition to actions with influencers.

Coca-cola Launches the Global Marketing Campaign

Having children shakes up a person’s life for the Colombia WhatsApp Number List. Rest of their days and balancing daily tasks is not easy. Work, housework, traffic jams, and other activities can leave parents feeling like they can’t get everything done. This is what happened to Yolanda Ramos in Go Student ‘s first Spanish campaign on social networks. The actress gets into the role of a mother who does not know.  “I can’t help kids with homework, I swear. Between the fact that everything is in English and the subjects they have, which are a thousand. I don’t know what you want me to tell you. I feel powerless, it’s just that I don’t know how to do it », she says in the audiovisual piece. Next, Colombia WhatsApp Number List she tells her interlocutor that she had been thinking about a private teacher.

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