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Journalists can thus see through the air bicycle, and Papua New Guinea Email List they are not an advertising conduit. So let your story do the talking, and don’t fall into flashy praise. 4. Quote! A quote energizes your story. Illustrate the facts, or give a personal touch to a business story. By giving your story a name and face, your message comes to life.  Tell us more about your organization. A journalist Papua New Guinea Email List may not (yet) be familiar with your organization and what you do. That is why it is important to summarize this briefly.

Papua New Guinea Email List

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And concisely at the end of your press release. A good Papua New Guinea Email List boilerplate provides quick insight into your organization. 6. Straightforward and straight In your press release you tell your story, what the news value is and why this matters. Leave it to journalists to turn this into a nice article. After all, that’s their job. 7. Spelling Write flawlessly, and do a double Papua New Guinea Email List check! All the effort you have put into your press release will be lost if it looks unkempt. How can the reader take your message seriously if you don’t even do it yourself?

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Your press release as a pyramid Journalists are Papua New Guinea Email List not only busy writing, they are also inundated with information. To work effectively, they are masters of quickly scanning, reviewing and processing the press releases they see. As a smart PR professional, you want to respond to this and facilitate journalists in this. Therefore, write your press release in the form Papua New Guinea Email List of an inverted pyramid ! The first impression is decisive. If a journalist loses his attention, your chance is lost, so get straight to the point.

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