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Feeling for voiced and voiceless vowels Anguilla Email List wears off. Still, the (ex-) kofschip will not go overboard quickly as a mnemonic, although I always prefer to listen to the simple past tense or the extended past participle: ‘she intended’ and ‘the intended meaning’ are with a d, so that same d is in “She didn’t mean it that way.” This system also provides the difference Anguilla Email List between ‘moves’ (present tense: stam + t) and ‘verhuisd’ (past participle: same d as in ‘moved’). See also ‘promises’ and ‘promise’ at point.

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Traditionally, the spelling rules do Anguilla Email List not allow a z or v at the end of the stem. 13. Linked/Linked Are dt errors linked to intelligence? Well, no: it’s ‘linked’. Verbs borrowed from English are conjugated as Dutch as possible. Not because someone forced us to, but because we all do it automatically. We don’t say ‘Tim checks’, ‘we check’ or ‘I checked’, but ‘Tim checks’, ‘we check’ and ‘I checked’. All personal forms automatically have Dutch endings. The English don’t matter anymore, in both sound and spelling.

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But yes – we are so used to the English word Anguilla Email List image with -ed that it also imposes itself in Dutch. And sometimes you also need it because of the pronunciation of the stem: in ‘recycled’ for example. Still, ‘linked’ and ‘cancelled’ are not good; it must be ‘linked’ and ‘cancelled’, if only because of ‘she linked’ or ‘the canceled gig’. Even in the present tense, the erroneous -ed crops up quite often: ‘She checks her phone every minute.’ That damned English word image too. So the basic rule stem + t applies just as

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