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Than a attractive design, according to your brand image . If your customers find a beautiful page, aesthetically and at the level of usability and user experience. You will be generating a very positive first impression on your visitors. The two basic points at the web design level are the Shopify theme that you are going to use and the logo that represents your virtual store. Choose a theme in Shopify free themes Shopify has its own template store that. You can use to select from a wide variety of free themes and premium, paid themes. We recommend that you do some exploring and decide which one is best for your store considering your financial availability.

If you start your store with a limited budget , we advise you to choose one of the free themes. And if you have a little more economic availability and you Belarus whatsapp number list want a more personalized or exclusive design. Then the most interesting option will be that of a premium theme. If you have doubts, you can also read our publication How to choose the best. Shopify template for your online store . Create a logo for your store The logo of your dropshipping store. On Shopify is essential for the branding of your business, since it will help customers recognize your brand and remember it.

So Take Some Time to Consider

How you want to display your logo on your dropshipping store, and how it blends in with the rest of the design you’ve chosen. Also, do not forget that the logo must be a sign that identifies your store in all kinds of areas, formats and presentations . If you are interested in creating your own logo, then you can use graphic design programs like Photoshop or Canva. Or take advantage of alternatives such as free online software for creating logos. Among the available options, Hatchful stands out for its simplicity , an online tool from Shopify that will allow you to design your logo even if you have no idea of ​​design.

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And on top of that it’s free! You can also find graphic designers who offer high-quality work on freelancing platforms — like Upwork or Fiverr — at affordable prices. 3. Set up your store Creating the Shopify account is not enough (especially if you want to legally dropship ). In addition, you have to check that the configuration is appropriate for your online store. Through this second step, you will be able to receive money from your customers, create the legal and commercial policies of your store and determine what the prices and shipping rates will be: Payment information.

Adding a Payment Option

To your Shopify dropshipping store is essential so that you can receive money from your customers in exchange for your products. Therefore, you must access the “Settings” page and select a tab that you will find on the left called “Payments”. At a minimum, it would be convenient for you to include a payment gateway such as PayPal. In addition to that, here you can find the most common gateways in each country , in case you want to operate in different markets. Payments Commercial and legal policies of the store : it is important that your processes and protocols are in writing. So that any buyer knows how the transactions will be carried out.

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