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What should be different? I then explain that some USA Phone Number List passages can simply be deleted. Or just put it differently, with a little more nuance. Maybe someone has a negative association with a certain word choice, but is that solved with a synonym? Also read: Dealing with criticism better: identify the 4 types of critics 9. Ask for a compliment Is the feedback always negative? And do USA Phone Number List you only hear the points for improvement? Then you should indicate that once. Say, for example, that you are curious whether your customer is happy with the text.

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Everyone gets energy from a compliment , your customer USA Phone Number List knows that too. Perhaps someone is completely unaware that he or she gives little positive feedback. 10. When it’s really necessary: ​​bite off It is also possible that an interview candidate has not fully understood the concept of ‘checking for factual inaccuracies’. I’ve seen several people rewrite the entire text USA Phone Number List because they think their own style is ‘better’. While the article is then full of typos or jargon . Um, writing is my job, right? In such a case I will explain it calmly. It often turns out well.

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But don’t be oversensitive either Some people are just a little USA Phone Number List blunt. Maybe they are having a bad day too. Sometimes just try to swallow that. And don’t forget: writing is also a matter of taste. 12. Keep smiling “Crazy phrase”, my colleagues and I sometimes hear. “You are a crazy sentence yourself”, we say to each other laughing. This lesson applies to much more than just USA Phone Number List receiving feedback. Keep smiling and don’t forget to put things into perspective. No human lives depend on our work.

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