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Now it is of course possible that independent entrepreneurs Solomon Islands Business Email List happen to all be people without humor. They are good at other things in addition to their expertise, such as… Rummikubben. ‘Humour? No rather not. Not today. I like Rummy Kubben. play a game? I immediately pour a glass of soda.’ Do independent entrepreneurs have no sense of humour? Of Solomon Islands Business Email List course it is. Baking. Yes, not all, probably not, but many are. Then why is it missing on the website or, for example, in a blog? I do not know exactly.

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I think it has a bit to do with fear. People who Solomon Islands Business Email List clamber onto the online stage, sit down and chat about their business and go into a cramp. Suddenly they think with sweat on their foreheads: it must be clear. It must be clear. And professional. It has to be very professional. Fear of speaking is one of the biggest fears, fear of writing is a close Solomon Islands Business Email List second. Examples of professional humor in copy. The good news – what a relief, hooray! – it is possible! It can very well. Unbelievably professional and yet fun at the same time .

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There are examples of this online and Solomon Islands Business Email List I’ll show them to you in this blog. I’ll show you the three examples with 1 agreement: that I won’t see EXACTLY that joke on your website in about five weeks. That would be a shame. And plagiarism. OK? Agreed to meet? Good. Example: 1. Talking Shrimp If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask. On Solomon Islands Business Email List your website you probably have a sentence like this: ‘Do you have a question? Reassure him.’ Great sentence, but not very original.

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