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on YouTube. Since this pair of sisters always occupies the first positions in the rankings of YouTubers with the most followers. In this example that we see a little further down, the strategy use. Has been based on sharing content with the hashtag. librolasratitas to publish serial Instagram stories about the launch of her new book: how to make stories on instagram. As you can see, creating a series always using the same Instagram hashtags is a great way to get inspire. When you can’t think of anything to create new content about.

Share user-generated content It is normal for followers of your store to quote you. hen they use the products you sell, especially if you have made an effort to build customer loyalty  In those cases, you are getting your own clients to become Lebanon whatsapp number list content generators. It is something that you should take advantage of . In fact, when someone quotes you using the at sign and your username. You receive a notification and you can share that story in which you have been quoted. Thanks to this, an online store like Leg3nd Style has managed to build a very powerful community on Instagram.

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Of stories on Instagram created by their customers and distributors: ig stories 5. Play with your followers in Instagram stories Interacting with your audience through games serves to connect with your followers and strengthen ties with the most active users . You can create a game, for example, using the poll stickers for Instagram and engaging your community with questions and answers, in which users must point out which of the statements is true and which is false.

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As Instagram stories expire after 24 hours, at that time it is convenient to publish what the correct answers are and you can mention those who have got it right. Along with that, you should also share the stories of those who have won. Or you can even work harder and do like McDonalds , with this game that consists of pausing the story and catching the Oreo cookie: instagram highlights stories 6. Host contests Maybe you are wondering how to get followers on Instagram . In that case, the answer lies in contests. And it is that contests have become very common tools on Instagram, especially to achieve greater organic reach and increase the number of followers without advertising on Instagram Ads.

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you’ve always dreamed of for free DISCOVER MORE Almost all contests work with the same scheme. To participate in it you have to use a certain hashtag . In addition, the participants have to share your publication in their Instagram stories. Normally, they are ask for one last requirement. To quote some of their contacts so that they find out about the draw. In this way, you will increase the connection with your audience and you will probably be able to increase your followers and spread the activity of your online store to more people. This is how the Sevillian designer Rocío Osorno advertises it : create stories on instagram.

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