On this occasion we will discuss how to make

Recently, video applications with a duration of about one minute are being discussed. Snack video is one application that is becoming a byword in the general public. This yellow application is not only entertaining but also able to make money for free and fast.

To make money from this application is quite easy. You just need to complete missions or invite new users. From that you will get coins that can be exchanged into rupiah. The more coins you get, the more money you can take

On this occasion we will discuss how to make money from video snacks and how to access them

how to make money from snack videos easily

Invite new users
The first way you can do is invite your friends to install the video snack application and enter your referral code. This method is enough to generate a lot of points. By inviting a new user once you will get around 52,000. but if you feel this first method is too difficult then you can use the next method

Complete the available missions
In the snack video application, not only invite friends to get coins, you can use this method to get coins too. As a user, if you check in every day, you will get additional coins. This is one of the special missions that snack video provides for users. So you can still get coins without inviting friends

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Watch and hit like video
Another way you can do to earn more coins is by watching videos and pressing like. The longer you watch you will get more coins. if you press like on the video you will get around 2000 extra coins besides you have to follow other users to add coins

For those of you who don’t understand how¬† to Hospital Mailing Lists access snack videos, see the following reviews

How to access snack videos


Hospital Mailing Lists


Install the video snack app
Before accessing make sure you have installed the snack video application on the playstore or on the applestore

Choose the category that suits you
On the start page, various video categories will appear that you can choose according to your preferences

Click the profile icon
After you have successfully selected the appropriate category you can click on the profile icon to continue self-registration

Register an account
To be able to access the video you must register first. You can use email, facebook, mobile number and line to register. After that, enter the verification code that you received

Click the coin pop up
To get coins you can click the coin pop up on the top left. After that you can check in to get your first 500 coins. For new users you can get 2000 if you press like 2 videos and follow 2 users

After knowing the steps above, you can start trying and enjoying video snacks. Visit and join us at Campus Digital

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