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But if your interlocutor also mentions ‘Vorvorjahr’ two Lebanon Email List seconds later, you immediately know that ‘Vorjahr’ cannot be translated as ‘spring’. ‘Vorjahr’ means last year. So ‘Vorvorjahr’ is two years ago. 2. Often, automatic translation programs cannot properly translate misleading words or expressions into German (yet) Example: Die Kacke ist am Dampfen. Translation with Lebanon Email List DeepL : The shit hits the fan. Google Translator Translation : The shit is steaming. The correct translation via Van Dale : There is shit on the

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Admittedly, automatic translators can be quite Lebanon Email List useful at times. DeepL keeps getting better, thanks to its neural network design. But translating is still human work at the moment. Automatic translation programs are therefore useful as support, but it remains important to be critical and not to copy all translations blindly. 3. You can’t look up difficult German Lebanon Email List words in oral communication Oral communication is often fast. Have you misunderstood a German word and need to think for a moment?

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Then your German interlocutor may already Lebanon Email List be three sentences further. There’s no time to even peek into the dictionary. Calling is of course the hardest. Only if you opt for video calling you can continue to perceive most non-verbal signals. Think of signals such as posture, gestures, eye contact and facial expression. Are you calling without a picture? Then you Lebanon Email List miss out on non-verbal signals and that makes communication more difficult. It also doesn’t make understanding misleading words any easier.

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