For those of you who are still selling offline

Selling through twitter media is certainly one solution to maintain profits amidst the uncertainty due to the covid 19 pandemic. In fact, many have been successful in selling on twitter and have made big profits.

In fact, there is a fact that 23% of Indonesian Twitter users did not cancel their purchases during COVID-19. 44% of users are even more likely to make online purchases during a pandemic,

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But did you know that selling on Twitter has certain terms and conditions? For those who don’t know, you can read first in the twitter help center. Then you can create your sales account and start posting your products

Here are tips for successful selling on Twitter that you should know right now! Definitely increase your cash during the pandemic!!!

Tips for Successful Selling on Twitter
1. Choose the right product
At a time like this, the COVID-19 pandemic, of course, you have to choose the right product and many are interested. Such as selling vitamins, masks and handsitizers. And you can also buy items that Twitter users are currently looking for the most, such as the Fashion Makeup, Skincare and other personal care categories.

2. Take advantage of various promotions and offers
To attract more customers, you can hold various promotions such as cashback and also discounts on your selling products. This is certainly very influential to attract buyers. You Manufacturing Directors Email Lists can even give free gifts when you buy certain items, this is done to increase buyer satisfaction.

3. Use the Cod Feature and free shipping


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The Cod feature is certainly very helpful for buyers who have difficulty paying via transfer and online because they only have cash. Therefore you can use this feature on your selling products, to make it easier for buyers to make payments.

In addition, the free shipping feature can also increase the interest of buyers because they have not spent a certain amount of money just to pay for postage

4. Use online payments
The next tip is that you can provide online payment features with virtual accounts or with various e-wallets. For example, payment via xendit. This will certainly be very helpful for buyers to make payments via online. Buyers do not have to prepare a certain amount of money and do not have to pay at the convenience store.

5. Insert checkout link on promotional tweet
To make it easier for buyers to see your products, see your store ratings and checkout your selling products quickly. then it is recommended to insert a product link / link to your online store in the tweet you make. This is of course very practical, fast and precise.

6. Use promotional video content

To further introduce your product, then you can make a promotional video that shows the details of your selling product. And in the video you can also explain the uses, advantages and also the condition of the goods you sell.

Then you can also use the services of influencers for the purpose of making product review videos, this of course makes more and more people see your product. Moreover, you endorse a famous influencer with a lot of followers, the more people will see the product

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