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On a multitude of factors , for example: the type of website, the audience, the sector, the economic capacity… An ecommerce dedicated to selling in Spain should not invest the same amount of money as one that is dedicated to selling in Spain, Portugal and France.investment-seo-price-companiesHowever, it is important for any SME to bear in mind that, in order to survive in these times, it is vital to invest part in paid campaigns and, above all, in SEO positioning, in order to reach a qualified audience and obtain greater benefits.

SEO tips for SMEs Follow the tips that we give you below to implement a good SEO positioning strategy : 1. Do good keyword research You cannot appear in the first search results without good Philippines phone number research. To begin with, it is necessary to carry out a good study of keywords related to your niche, keeping in mind the search volumes and their SEO difficulty. Once you have obtained a list of keywords, make a selection taking into account the most interesting ones and start using them to position your site by including them in the content of the web.

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Long tail keywords to position faster. Likewise, it is essential that you take into account the search intention for each keyword when optimizing the contents of your website . keyword-research-seo-companies 2. Local approach Give a local approach to your SEO strategy! Today, local SEO positioning for SMEs has become very important. These strategies have a heavy reliance on Google My Business. But what exactly is local SEO?

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It is the optimization of your website so that when a local search is carried out on a keyword linked to your business, you appear in the first results of the search engine. The structure is as follows: keyword + location, for example: Valencia keratin treatment . The first step is to register your business with Google My Business . In this way the search engine will include you in this list and this will allow you to gain visibility and obtain local clients.

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To know everything about your business: sector of activity, services, business hours, reviews, address and contact information. seo-local-pymes-my-business 3. Build a good website Building a good website is the best way to increase user session length. The retention rate and the bounce rate directly influence the positioning of a website. Take care of the appearance of the web and the user experience so that they enjoy browsing your page. Google always ranks better those pages that users love! 4.

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