Not much different from other social media applications

Not much different from other social media applications, Twitter also presents various posts for its users. The submission can be in the form of writing, photos and even videos. Twitter also displays a lot of events and things that are trending . Everything that happens in the world, in an instant will go viral on Twitter.

Twitter also presents many tweets that invite us to save them. Have you ever wanted to save the tweet? Unfortunately Twitter does not provide a feature to directly download videos on our smart phones. In general, to save Twitter videos you need to download a help app found on the Play Store or App Store.

But did you know? that there is an easy way to download Twitter that can be done through one of the other social media. Correctly! Telegram. Most of the workers or students have this Telegram application for work and campus purposes. Of course this makes the Telegram application familiar and almost most people have it.

To download Twitter videos on

Telegram you need the help of a Bot or a third support. Bots can help make the Telegram application not only used for communication but also multifunctional. Bots in the Telegram application can work invisibly and make it easier for Telegram users in various activities. There are many bots that have been designed according to user needs.

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To be able to download Twitter videos on Telegram, there are two bots that you can choose from, namely the searching box and typing the command box directly in the Media Directors Email Lists text area. Here’s the explanation.

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Media Directors Email Lists


7 Practical Steps How to Download Twitter Videos on Telegram!
Make sure you have the Twitter and Telegram apps
Then, go into the Twitter App and select the video you want to download
Click the ‘share’ button on the video and select ‘Copy link to Tweet’
Next, open the Telegram app and tap the ‘Search’ icon in the top right corner. Then type @twittervid_bot in the search box and click on the bot that says Twitter Media Downloader
The next step is to press the ‘Start’ button and paste the Twitter video link that you copied. Press the send button
There are several video resolution options and you can choose one
Wait a moment and your video will be downloaded according to the resolution you choose
Now you can easily share Twitter videos without the help of any third app and only via Telegram. Good luck, hopefully useful!

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