Not Everyone Understands B1 Level

It’s embarrassing, annoying and therefore bad for Finance And Banking Email List your organization if audio and text in your video don’t match. According to Forbes , recipients remember 95 percent of the information from a video message , as opposed to just 10 percent of a text. This makes online video extremely suitable for information of which it is extra Finance And Banking Email List important that the meaning remains; whether it is informative, persuasive or entertaining. If you want to teach your audience something, you cannot avoid video content.

Make Your Text Understandable

Recipients can view this content faster than a (long) Finance And Banking Email List written text, and the message sticks better. Tip : Online video can make visually very clear what often remains very abstract in text. Augmented Reality (AR) adds an extra aspect to this. With AR you can visually explain what is normally inaccessible, much too small or too big to display. You can see and hear ‘normal’ video. You experience AR, which goes beyond just seeing and Finance And Banking Email List hearing for learning purposes.

Which Group Am I Talking About?

You need entire textbooks to explain Finance And Banking Email List certain diseases. In an AR environment, a doctor can walk around an organ to point out exactly how the human body works in an AR model. The arrival of 5G ensures that everyone, everywhere, can watch as much HD video as possible. Streaming video is the way in which we absorb content in no time . According to our own research conducted by MarketResponse. 88 percent of marketers use Finance And Banking Email List video in their marketing strategies every year.


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