Newsletters Your Customers Love Do you know more PAPUA NEW GUINEA B2B EMAIL LIST great examples of humor in copy? And have I been able to inspire you to use more humor in your texts? Although most of us have learned to write, most people simply cannot write. Lyrics lack a fruity juice that ensures that they appeal to the imagination. Job postings, advertisements and blogs often read like a government policy document. Zero emotion, zero triggers. It is important that your PAPUA NEW GUINEA B2B EMAIL LIST texts capture the imagination of your reader. But how do you take care of that? Do you remember your primary school days? First of all, you got to know each letter.

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Aa, Bee, Cee, Dee, with which you deciphered PAPUA NEW GUINEA B2B EMAIL LIST your first words. That went with aap, nut, Mies or the contemporary equivalent. From words to sentences and from reading to writing yourself. The language was made more difficult each time. Until a point after high school where people said: good luck with it. In this article I go a bit further: adding the PAPUA NEW GUINEA B2B EMAIL LIST senses. The purpose and target group of your text are extremely important. Then write down the desired text. Before I write, I often think about the underlying senses that I want to stimulate.

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Once the reader reads those carefully PAPUA NEW GUINEA B2B EMAIL LIST chosen sentences, I hope magic happens. In total there are five senses that you can trigger with your text. I would like to take you on this. 1. Olfactory (sense of smell) As a salesperson in a perfumery you work all day in sweet, intoxicating smells. A pit shovel – or sewer – works all day in a different PAPUA NEW GUINEA B2B EMAIL LIST environment with a strong smelly smell. Do you want to profile yourself as an expert in one of these two ends? Then you want to use olfactory language in your texts.

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