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It is impossible to estimate that with bounce rates and time Afghanistan Phone Number List spent on-page metrics alone. As a user, you can also get lost with a forest of (informational) web pages. To find out if your users could find what they were looking for, you can ask an Afghanistan Phone Number List very specific question: Did you find what you were looking for? With (free) tooling from Hotjar, for example, you can easily set up a survey that is displayed the moment a user wants to leave your website.

Afghanistan Phone Number List
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Then ask if the user has found what he was Afghanistan Phone Number List looking for. Yes or no. Also ask what was being searched for. This way you can take even more targeted action. Maybe your user couldn’t find the answer on the web page he or she searched for, but it is on another web page. If this feedback occurs more often, it can be smart to optimize the Afghanistan Phone Number List navigation structure. Of course, it is also possible that the answer was not found, because it is simply not (yet) on your website.

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Valuable input for, for example, an extra Afghanistan Phone Number List FAQ, article, or web page. Collect user feedback This only works on desktop. But you can also set up the same setup for mobile by asking the question on the web page after Afghanistan Phone Number List a certain time. Take a good look at the average time spent on pages with mobile devices. Avoid asking a user the question too early or too late. How easy did you find it to? The conversion rates on your website are high.

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