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What is the entrepreneur’s story? Long-term relationships are Mexico Phone Number List becoming increasingly important for sustainable business development. Telling real stories plays an important role in this. A podcast is perfect for that. But where do you start if you want to make your own podcast? With a dose of inspiration! Are you already familiar with Marketing Talk, Brandkast! and Mexico Phone Number List Marketing Technology Podcast? In this article we list 19 podcasts for you. And then… What should your podcast be about?

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What equipment do you need? Fortunately, it’s Mexico Phone Number List simpler than you might think. Especially if you divide the process from concept creation to publication into these 5 steps . Whether your podcast is then successful? There is, of course, no magic formula for this. That depends on your target group and your marketing plan, but also on your objectives. An Mexico Phone Number List interesting indicator is the listening rate. This lets you see what percentage of the people your podcast turns on are listening to what point in the podcast.

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Simply put: when do people give up? In Sander Mexico Phone Number List Denneman’s article you can read more about how to measure the success of your podcast. Read more? Also interesting this summer: Working smarter: tips & tricks for a good start after your holiday Online marketing: the trends & tips for the second half of 2021 Enjoy reading! Develop a strategy with the right Mexico Phone Number List tools Create content worth sharing? Then you should not miss the Content Marketing & Storytelling training.

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