Mysterious Lay’s Teaser for the Super Bowl

Lay’s returns to the Super Bowl after 17 years without participating Italy WhatsApp Number List in this great event. The brand is preparing for its comeback with a teaser of what will be its announcement that leaves nothing clear. In it we see a fan of Seth Rogen singing and crying in front of a kind of home altar with several images and drawings of the Canadian actor and comedian. Nothing can gleane from this brief scene, as it raises more questions than it answers. Where Italy WhatsApp Number List could Rogen be? Has a crime just occurred?

How Will Lay’s Solve

We will have to wait to see how events unfold in Italy WhatsApp Number List this scenario. Just 15 seconds long , it opens with a long-haired, bearded man standing in a cellar looking down and slowly singing Rogen’s name to the tune of the nursery rhyme “Frère Jacques.” The creepy and macabre aura does not stop there, since later we see that improvised sanctuary dedicated to Seth . In it there is a hand-drawn portrait, a poster that reads “My Seth” with yellow hearts, a magazine with the actor on the cover and a photo with a montage of the protagonist with Italy WhatsApp Number List Rogen holding a bag of potato chips. Lay’s.

The mystery of Seth Rogen

The table is decorat with candles, a vase of tulips, Italy WhatsApp Number List a centerpiece with signature potatoes, dried flowers, and a lace tablecloth. As we said before, we will have to wait a little longer to see if Seth Rogen finally appears in the Lay’s spot or if he tells us what has happened and who that “creepy” and affected fan is. All this deployment responds to the broadcast on February 13 on NBC of Super Bowl 56. It is one of the annual events that cause the most stir in terms of sponsorships and advertising. In fact, NBC has received up to 6.5 million dollars for a 30-second spot. Which represents an increase of 18% compar. The 5.5 million that Italy WhatsApp Number List CBS obtained for a spot

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