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The Dutch Data Protection Authority is currently investigating Sports Betting Email List two complaints. The use of Google Analytics in the Netherlands. Which were also submitte NOYB of Max Schrems. After completion of that investigation. The Dutch Data Protection Authority can say whether Google Analytics will be prohibited or allowed in its current form. The ruling is expecte in early 2022. Also read: The 5 best alternatives to Mailchimp Sports Betting Email List (but GDPR-proof) In view of the fact that the complaints on which the case in Austria is base  already submitt in mid-2020 and the importance that the Dutch Data Protection.

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Authority also attaches to the earlier ruling. Sports Betting Email List I may expect this ruling within a few days to weeks. Recommended next steps It is clear that this statement can have major consequences. Because if the statement is adopted at European level. It means that not only the use of Google Analytics by European users should examin. This applies to all American providers of software and services that process personal data. Think of Salesforce, Hubspot and Adobe. Previous lawsuits show that this is not so much a question of where Sports Betting Email List. But whether it is process  an entity subject to the aforementioned United States law.

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From Traffic Builders we therefore advise for Sports Betting Email List the time being to at least take care of the configuration of Google Analytics. This is in line with the previously issu guidelines as stat in the manual for setting up Google Analytics in a privacy. Friendly manner from the Dutch Data Protection Authority. In addition, we recommend that you make an inventory of which originally American software you use that involves the processing of personal data. And get legal advice about this. Never before has the use of Google Analytics been Sports Betting Email List. Strongly condemned in the context of the GDPR as in the aforementioned ruling by the Austrian privacy regulator. This is certainly cause for concern.

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