Most Striking Communication Moments of 2021

Championship inhakers , and the problems of the labor shortage . An Special Trade Contractors Email List important recurring theme is privacy . Think of the end of third party cookies (and the rise of first party data), Apple’s privacy actions (iOS 14, 15 and Apple Mail Privacy Protection) and the challenge of complying with the GDPR with email tools ( Goodbye Mailchimp!). Podcasts Special Trade Contractors Email List & Weekly Let’s briefly mention a few projects that we are particularly proud of from the editorial staff. At the beginning of this year, for example, we entered into.

Crime Journalist Peter

a partnership with HelloMaaS. In the HelloMasters podcast Special Trade Contractors Email List we regularly invite a CMO/marketing manager for an interesting conversation about marketing, strategy and teams. In June we started the Customer Engagement Podcast together with OBI4wan . In-depth conversations with customer contact professionals Special Trade Contractors Email List from well-known B2C and B2B brands. E-mail remains a very important channel for us. The big advantage of e-mail is that you have it under your own management and are not.

Crime Journalist Peter

dependent on algorithms, as with Special Trade Contractors Email List social media. Don’t build on someone else’s land . We therefore put a lot of energy into recruiting, retaining and involving subscribers for our newsletters, updates and alerts . Growth this year has been less strong than was usual in previous years. We have a reason for this: we have been actively Special Trade Contractors Email List cleaning up our mailing lists since this spring. Fortunately, there is still a clear growth in the number of active subscribers. Search Traffic from search (and especially


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