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The PAS formula Why not just hire someone to write your Singapore Email List lyrics for you? Texts that do appeal to your target audience. Who do tell your story. They do earn revenue for you. I am such a person. Give me a call and let me know how I can help you. If texts run smoothly, you will sell more. 2. The AIDA Model AIDA is the father of copywriting Singapore Email List formulas. You can find it in all marketing books, from decades ago to now. This classic has proven its worth countless times on websites, newspaper.

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Advertisements and so on. I’ll take you through Singapore Email List each step of the formula. Attention Grab attention by placing a proper title above your web text, advertisement or blog. One that makes your reader have to read on. You do this by bringing news, arousing curiosity or identifying a clear customer advantage. Interest In this phase you build on your Singapore Email List title. You pick up where your headline left off – in many cases the very first paragraph of your text. Mention here, for example, the problem of your target.

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Group or give a summary of all the advantages. Pro Singapore Email List tip: use the PAS formula. Desire You grabbed the attention and piqued the interest. Now you have to make sure that the reader wants your product or service. You do this, for example, by Singapore Email List creating urgency or scarcity. You can also use testimonials here . The most important thing in this step is that your target audience sees how your product or service makes their lives better. Solve the problems for them. Action Your target audience is convinced.

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