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Hello marketer if you are reading this it is because you want to know the secrets that mobile marketing harbors in the world of apps. Well, in this post I will explain the most analytical side of this market. It is important to have some basic notions before immersing yourself in the subject, therefore, I recommend that you take a look at the post by my colleague Ana Belén. Mobile Marketing Fuente: ASO positioning If you understand how SEO positioning works, you already have a lot of gains, the positioning of apps is similar.

In two broad features, the On-Metadata and Off-Metadata factors must be taken into account. ASO positioning Sources: Sheila Alvarez Content On-Metadata These elements are in our hands. Mainly Singapore phone number are the title, the description, the icon, the images of the store and the developer. A priori it seems easy to correctly cover these fields, but no, intuition in marketing is not usually the best option (unless you are a genius). The first thing you need is to know who your competition is and analyze them.

Searching For The General Term Singapore Phone Number

By which you are interested in your mobile app appearing, it is likely that you will find others that were there before you. Look at the fields that I mentioned, surely the applications that position well follow a common pattern. I recommend that you do not stray too far from these patterns because they are the ones that the store is rewarding. Let’s do a test, suppose we want to position an app for buying and selling products.

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We look for the term sale: positioning aso google play Source: Google Play Screenshot Well, among the first results we find Wallapop and Milanuncios, the kings of trading, which are above all for their Off-Metadata potential (they have millions of downloads, users and ratings). And then those that interest us, the rest. If we want in the best positions of “that rest” and your app is Ejemplapp. It is obvious that the title you have to have is something like: Exampleapp – Purchase and sale of second-hand items

Well, With The Rest Of The Factors Singapore Phone Number

It is the same, before choosing how to describe your application, understand that the store is. Off-Metadata The most complicated part of the matter arrives, this does not depend directly on you. The keys to this positioning to how the user behaves with our app. In any case, we do have a certain responsibility for this, especially for the worse. Let me explain, these factors are the number of installations. The rate of recurrence and abandonment, active users and the rating of the app.

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