While you score much better for LinkedIn Switzerland Phone Number List or an ‘about-us page’ if you don’t have enough well-aimed words. Focus on decisive moments That might contradict adding additional examples, as I pointed out above. Nevertheless, a text needs concrete examples as well as a careful selection. Concentrate on Switzerland Phone Number List the decisive moments: pivotal points in your life. Zoom in on it and make it as lively as possible. Anything that smells of crucial twists and turns, people find extremely interesting.

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Back at the Developments

Such a defining moment, for example, is the choice of Switzerland Phone Number List to stop being a wallflower, but to help others with online visibility in the light of the spotlight. Entrepreneurial coach Rimke de Groot cleverly connects her personal story with her mission to guide entrepreneurs in this. It is precisely that very personal element that immediately evokes recognition and trust. Many Switzerland Phone Number List entrepreneurs find it exciting to be visible online. Me too. I used to be a real wallflower, I hated being the center of attention.

What Does the Future Look

I still prefer to stay in the Switzerland Phone Number List background. That’s why doing business online seemed easy to me. Just share my knowledge online. Not quite so, I soon discovered. Online business is also about you as a person or in this case about me: people want to get to know the person behind the Switzerland Phone Number List company, to be able to make a connection with you. Forget it with your ‘I’ll stay behind the scenes’ plan because without visibility there are no customers, or at least not many.

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