Milanuncios Launches an

Milanuncios , the most popular platform in the second-Macedonia WhatsApp Number List hand market.  A new campaign in collaboration with PutosModernos to announce the launch of its new blog . Taking advantage of April Fools’ Day, which is celebrated on December 28. The company wanted to break the news with a touch of humor and defend that. Despite the fact that they have existed for a long time. Blogs are a good communication channel. Through Macedonia WhatsApp Number List different creativities designed by PutosModernos , Milanuncios go to share their news on social networks.

A key moment for

The posters emulate canopies scattered around the Macedonia WhatsApp Number List city of Barcelona and on them you can read messages such as: “We are launching a blog in 2021. We are not the fastest, but a pandemic had to come for you to buy a bike.” Another of the “posters” that are part of this initiative says: “We have put ads on the street to say on Instagram that we have a new blog on our website .” The campaign also wanted to make a special nod to Millennials, users of the first social networks. To do this, he has launched messages such as: “We have just Macedonia WhatsApp Number List opened a blog. Help us spread it on Tuenti, Messenger and Myspace”. The second hand market continues to grow every day .

The second-hand market

Despite the fact that the year 2021 closes with Macedonia WhatsApp Number List the market for new production stabilized again (after a downturn due to the pandemic), the interest in second-hand continues to rise. Almost 23 million users enter Milanuncios every month and about 65,000 ads are publish every day. This is one of the reasons why Milanuncios has decided to bet on a blog in its communication strategy , with the aim of publishing content that helps to resolve user doubts . For example, what products to buy, reuse and sell in the second-hand market are some of the frequently asked questions. Issues related to the impact on the environment will also be resolved through the blog. “We believe that, from time to time, brands should also laugh at Macedonia WhatsApp Number List ourselves , step up to help our users and respond to haters who do not trust our strategies.

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