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Now ask them to take action. For example with a striking contact button or a link to your email address. Make sure your call to action is short, sweet and active. An example of AIDA (A) : Popping headache because you can’t finish those web texts? (I) : You have your hands in your hair. Your website will go live soon, but you’re still speechless. Literally. You haven’t written a word yet. You can’t, you can’t or you don’t want to. “Now what?” you ask yourself. (D) : “Robin wrote the texts for my

website. I tried it myself, but soon gave up hope. Now there are texts that say exactly what I want to say and what my target group wants to hear. I’ve never had so many leads.” – Bob, Internet entrepreneur. (A) : Sounds good, right? Let me know right away how I can help you. Do that by responding to the questions below or calling me right away. Be quick, because my agenda is almost full. Lady with diary in her hand. 3. The PASTOR Formula The last of the list of copywriting formulas is ‘PASTOR’.

No idea if it was invented by a pastor, but it is heavenly good. PASTOR is somewhat more extensive than PAS and AIDA. It works especially well in web texts and sales pages. problem The same as in the PAS formula: name the problem or pain points of your target group. agitate You guessed it: also the same as in PAS. Solve and story In the case of PASTOR, you present your solution a little more in the form of a story. A story in which your target group is the protagonist.

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