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This infringes on people’s free choice, because it gives the Switzerland Email Database impression that there is no other choice. Scientific research also shows that the influence of this practice is quite strong. Not showing an opt-out button on the first page leads to 22-23% more consent ( Nouwens et al., 2020 ). No free choice More generally, I noticed that in the vast Switzerland Email Database majority of cases refusing permission takes more effort and/or time than accepting cookies. This also ensures that a choice is less ‘free’. Roughly speaking, two flavors can be distinguished here.

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You can refuse permission directly in the notification Switzerland Email Database itself, but this is more difficult than accepting the cookies. You can’t refuse in the notification itself, but only by personalizing settings. Flavor 1 Figure 2 shows an example of the first ‘flavor’: Refusing permission is less noticeable. It is not a button, but a hyperlink in lower case letters. Refusal takes more cognitive effort. You have to actively read and search in the fine print. Refusal takes more physical effort.

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You have to click exactly on a small piece, instead Sweden Email List of a big button. Clicking on a button is behavior that we are more used to and that is therefore also easier. All of these differences make refusing cookies more difficult than accepting the automatically selected settings ( Fogg, 2009 ). Flavor 2 Figure 3 shows an example of the second ‘flavor’ . Visitors who want to refuse cookies have to perform additional actions here that cost time and effort. Again, these are things that make performing them more difficult for the visitor ( Fogg, 2009 ).

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