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Instagram created its algorithm to reorganize the feed of its users in such. A way that they see more content relevant to them  This algorithm raised discomfort among the community, especially among businesses with a presence. On this social network because the task of reaching their audience was complicated. Until now, brands only had to study the best times to post on Instagram. Which were those which their target audience was most active on the social network.

With this practice, the chances of appearing in their audience’s feed were high. Now, what about the algorithms? Well, they are governed by Mexico whatsapp number list dozens of different factors such as the time spent in a publication or the interaction with the content. These factors are constantly being updated to improve the user experience. And with every algorithm update, businesses go crazy figuring out how to optimize their posts for the highest reach and engagement possible.

But Don’t Worry, Because Getting

The hang of the algorithm is not impossible and to make it easier for you, we have compiled the 3 keys that you must take into account to improve the success of your publications: Interest – Post interesting and relevant content to your audience that encourages them to spend time viewing your content. Update – Create posts on a constant basis, as the algorithm prioritizes recent posts. Interaction and Engagement – ​​Encourage community engagement on your posts (comments, likes, saves) so Instagram understands that you matter and that they should show your content because they matter.

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It is also interesting that you interact with other profiles related to your business or related to your sector. instagram-marketing Plan your goals before marketing for Instagram Now that you know how the algorithm works, you have a clearer idea of ​​what you are dealing with. Being present on Instagram requires commitment, perseverance and work . You must be willing to contribute these 3 ingredients if you want to get results on the platform. But, before all this, you need to know why you want your business to have a presence on Instagram, that is, you need to mark your marketing goals on Instagram . You may have decided to jump on Instagram to build brand awareness and reach a larger number of potential customers .

You May Also Have Set Yourself

The goal of creating a large community committed to your project, boosting customer loyalty. Publicizing your products or services , or simply using Instagram as a customer service channe . When you choose your goals on Instagram make sure they are aligned. Your business goals and follow a SMART methodology . This means that your objectives must be specific, measurable, realistic, relevant and concrete in a certain period of time. Also, you must be clear about who you are targeting. In other words, you need to find your target audience on Instagram . If you already have an ideal customer profile for your business, you can extrapolate it to the platform.

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