Marketing And Innovation

He formulated this quite a long time Belgium WhatsApp Number List ago and at the end of last year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise shares the personal computer market with Dell, leaving behind a dozen competitors, including Chinese ones. But he is not a decree or an example to anyone, therefore, years later, inste of studying. Marketing and innovation, businessmen are mire in search of role models in order to introduce successful practices and models of others. The popular Western book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by James Collins and Jerry Porras enthusiastically writes about the Belgium WhatsApp Number List “Big Bold Goals” that transformed companies like Boeing, Wal- Mart, General Electric, IBM and others, into the successful giants they have become. The IKEA Saga and The Starbucks story, as well as the stories, have a dozen more sonorous cases in the treasury of useless knowledge.

The list of priorities is missing: marketing and innovation.

Exactly! We read all this, shed a Belgium WhatsApp Number List tear and went to copy models and individual practices: “since it worked for them, we are no worse”! In fact, the companies that the authors of this book. The authors of hundreds of other “success story” books, offer to emulate were founded between 1812 (Citicorp) and 1945. These firms did not have to face intense competition in today’s global economy and information society, where repetition is impossible, because everyone does it and repeats it ! While there is indeed much to Belgium WhatsApp Number List  learn from their success. It must be understood that they had the luxury of being able to grow when business life and competition were much easier. As a result, these role models and the “imitate” strategy itself are not very useful for companies today.

Marketing is too important to left Innovation to marketers.

The number of competitors is Belgium WhatsApp Number List growing. Technology is constantly changing. The pace of change is accelerating. Managers, in a state of freely flowing information, including business secrets. Find it increasingly difficult to digest the flow of information and make the right choice. Other businessmen, in the wake of income growth, market growth. Extensive growth of opportunities, are buying up factories and production lines, competitors. Their not very successful, but selling businesses. While “rushing”, such a strategy seems to be quite workable. But what about the crisis? It turns out that “factories and ships” are not able to generate ideas and Belgium WhatsApp Number List  consumers. Businesses that were bought up in the bud had the same strategic problem. But the businessman and CEO may have a future. The trick is not to stare at the balance sheet and look for profit there. I am happy to quote Peter Drucker:

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