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That includes professional SEO services must optimize some important files, such as the sitemap.xml , which is used to indicate to Google which are the most important URLs of the website, that is, all those that you want to position. They should also create and/or optimize the robots.txt , a file through which we tell search robots which URLs they can track and which ones they can’t. Although there are many more technical SEO techniques , the fact that they do not audit these files will be an unequivocal sign that they are not doing the best of audits.

Contact us! 5. Backlink audit The quality of your backlinks is essential, as it remains one of the most important ranking factors. That the number of backlinks increases progressively , and these come from France mobile number with a similar theme and with good authority , is essential in order to improve positioning. To review this type of links you can use tools such as ahrefs, or ask the agency for a monthly review of the new links created. 6. Content quality review Review of the effectiveness of all content on the site , including product pages,

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landing pages, support, and site search. Of course , SEO tags, not only their existence, but also if they are according to the study of keywords. 7. Review of online communication platforms We must know the way in which online media are currently used and carry out a SWOT to know what opportunities and what we must change. Another point that the agency must master is the online communication platforms where content (both paid and organic) and.

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Agencies have to be able to advise on where a client should invest and where not in the social space, for this it is important that they know the platforms. 8. Strategy and direction Following keyword identification, competitive benchmarking, content review and existing SEO technical search, the agency will be in a position to provide a detailed recommendation of the SEO strategy and direction the client should take. follow, continue. 9. Planning, reporting and forecasting Once the strategy is upon, the agency must establish a weekly and monthly reporting methodology.

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Alignment with company objectives Main KPIs and SEO metrics Analytical tools and processes 10. The price Only if the previous points are present. In the proposal, you will be able to consider this last one. This is one of the main problems of companies, which only focus on price, but sometimes cheap is expensive . So sure that the proposal, in addition to including the price. Includes all the points that we before, because these are the ones. That really help to evaluate if you are being for a ride . Warning signs: if the agencies promise you this…

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