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Use strong image Show don’t tell. With one Gibraltar Email List strong hero image upon entering, you immediately tell more than a thousand words. Amnesty International’s annual report opens with a very strong picture. You have to search for the whole story behind the photo, but even without knowing it, this image tells everything about Amnesty’s work: justice is being Gibraltar Email List done here. Amnesty’s impactful photo. Hero-image annual report Amnesty International. Nestlé ‘s annual report 2019 features a large and large image across the entire width of the screen.

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Happy people in your face with Nestlé products. It is a Gibraltar Email List completely different message, but the story is just as clear. Netslé header image. Nestlé Annual Report 2019. Choose a title with content Almost all annual reports are simply call ‘Annual Report’ with Gibraltar Email List the year of the year in question. You rarely see a substantive title. That’s a shame because a well-chosen title is an excellent opportunity to immediately get to the heart of the matter.

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Of course, an online annual report also conveys a message Gibraltar Email List from the chief executive. And the great thing about online is that it can also be done with video. They do that at KPN. Joost Farwerck – CEO of KPN – explains the figures in a three-minute video and outlines ambitions for the future. Example of ‘the CEO speaks’. ‘Foreword’ by the CEO on KPN Annual Report 2019 website. Bet video In addition to a video of the CEO, video is of course a good idea anyway. If one image says more than a thousand words, moving images quickly say more than an entire novel.

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