Major Shareholder Believes

Sustainability has recently become the parsley of all sauces in Kuwait WhatsApp Number List the marketing and advertising industry . Aware that the consumer displays increasingly sustainable habits, brands strive to also cover themselves with a thick patina of sustainability. However, there are those who consider that the zeal with which some companies advocate sustainability in their domains is clearly excessive. This is the case of Terry Smith, a major Unilever Kuwait WhatsApp Number List  shareholder, who has accused the British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company of taking its commitment to sustainability too far to the detriment of its own business.

That Unilever’s Sustainability

Smith, who is founder of the investment firm Fundsmith, Kuwait WhatsApp Number List cites several examples where Unilever’s aggressive commitment to sustainability has apparently gotten out of hand: its refusal to sell Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the West Bank , the Palestinian occupied by Israel, or Hellmann’s campaign aimed at curbing food waste “Cook clever, waste less”. “A company that feels like it has to define the purpose of Hellmann’s Kuwait WhatsApp Number List mayonnaise has clearly lost sight of what’s really important . The Hellmann’s brand has been around since 1913, so now consumers know what its purpose is,” Smith said in a letter to investors.

Out of Hand to Adopt Carnivorous People

With his vitriolic comments, Smith would not Kuwait WhatsApp Number List necessarily seek a change in Unilever’s management but rather to convince the company’s top executives to focus more on revenues and profits , says Ian Whittaker, founder and managing director of Liberty Sky. Advisors, speaking to Campaign . After all, Whittaker notes, the value of Unilever’s stock has fallen by about 9% in the last twelve months. In his letter, Smith does indeed argue that Unilever “should concentrate on the most fundamental aspects of its business.” Fundsmith, Kuwait WhatsApp Number List Smith’s company, has around €1 billion in Unilever shares .

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