Maintaining Contact With Customers

Your data to google-analytic but you have a domain Andorra Business Email List such as Ad blockers can recognize URLs like google-analytics, but are less likely to notice when you send data to your own tracking domain. For this reason, it could be a good way to bypass adblockers for the time being and get more (anonymous) Andorra Business Email List data into your system. That can of course change at any time. When the ad blockers figure it out and discover that we are all using this technique, they are likely to take action.

Confidence and Commitment

Server-side tagging is future-proof It is clear that Andorra Business Email List server-side tagging is becoming increasingly popular. This is evident from Google, which now offers this function in an accessible way. So it probably won’t be long before server-side tagging becomes the standard and we say goodbye to third-party cookies . Although that last Andorra Business Email List one might take a while. However, that does not mean that you do not have enough reasons to start with server-side tagging now, given the many possibilities and the valuable data.

Is Your Website Stuc in the 90s?

Are you ready for a third-party cookie-free Andorra Business Email List future? The cake is over for third-party cookies. They are expect  to be banned by 2023, resulting in the loss of approximately 80 percent of advertisers’ data. How are you preparing for this big change? Get to know the importance of first-party data and learn to develop your own strategy Andorra Business Email List during the When you post on social media, you want your content to be notic by as many users as possible. If you have many followers or connections, it is not always the case that you automatically have a large reach.

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