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A missed opportunity, because these kinds of gray Egypt Business Email List terms rarely evoke a wow feeling. Rather design eye-catching words for your field, because this will immediately hit the imagination button in your reader’s brain. You exert adhesive force with signature words. Signature words are characteristic Egypt Business Email List words with adhesive power, which you preferably glue together yourself. With your own vocabulary you can create an unmistakable style, for example for content marketing.

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You break free from the clichés, because Egypt Business Email List you present surprises with your language. These signature words are also part of your signature story, making your approach irresistible. flaked language This is urgently needed, because we are getting tired of empty words such as a high service level, an inclusive method, a quality approach and a roadmap to success . It is worn-out language that everyone uses and therefore hardly has any meaning. Just think of Koot & Bie, Egypt Business Email List who have enriched the Dutch language with a wealth of self-invented words and concepts . They came up with, for example, crinkle film and gritty grunts . Trend watchers often have a good grasp of this art as well.

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The brain marks these words as useless information Egypt Business Email List and hardly notices them anymore. Your brain does respond alertly to striking words, which open the way for the underlying message like icebreakers. Coolblue is a company that has understood this perfectly. The CEO is the final boss , the delivery bike is called the FIETS Fieuw and if you deliver packages Egypt Business Email List you have a job as a delivery hero. This humorous language is extremely distinctive, which makes the customer curious about the next language discovery.

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