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way for people to get a high level of insider convenience and engagement. Examples of content that spark curiosity by giving viewers an incubation period for a new product. Photo Credit: Amy Butler You can do something similar on IGTV. Craft course platform Creativebug uses IGTV to give followers a sneak peek at upcoming portrait courses. Another example based on sneak peak content. Image credit: Creative Bug Instagram for Business: The Definitive Guide for Brands and Agencies Download our eBook to learn.

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everything you need to know about leveraging Instagram! 15. Offer discounts Another type of exclusive content you can offer on Instagram Stories? Discount or promo code. Doing this not only means your followers will feel like they’re accessing something that others Tunisia Phone Number aren’t getting, but it can also help drive sales. So go ahead and offer followers 10% off, free shipping, or other codes that work with your unique business. You might be surprised by the results! This image shows an Instagram story offering discounts. Image credit: Clizia Leone 16. Start a series One of the reasons consistency is so important on Instagram is because people love predictability. That’s why arranging your content is so beneficial – it helps you stick to a plan.

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without headaches and hassles. By the way, Sked can help you Consistency places a huge burden on users and Instagram’s algorithm, and it’s worth considering starting a regular series on your Instagram Stories. Let’s take Bustle as an example. We’ve already talked about their “Be My Guest” series, where various people take their followers to visit their homes. They also have their “Beauty Call” line, where two Bustle employees introduce different beauty products. Think about the series you can start with your own account. It will keep your followers coming back more often while also keeping you on a more consistent posting schedule. The first image in a series of content.

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